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Criminal defendants are entitled to broad protections under the United States Constitution. A trial court’s failure to recognize these rights often results in the reversal of the conviction on appeal. Illegal searches and seizures, due process violations, and court or prosecutorial conduct that deprives the accused of a speedy trial are just a few of the constitutional violations that can defeat a conviction. If the court allowed your rights to be violated, then you should file an appeal or a petition for a writ of habeas corpus.

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Illegal Search & Seizure Appeal

In Bond v. U.S., 529 U.S. 334 (2000), a police officer boarded a Greyhound bus at a border checkpoint in Texas. After confirming that the passengers were lawfully in the United States, the officer started feeling the luggage the passengers had placed in the overhead compartments on the bus. After feeling a “brick-like” object in the defendant’s bag, the officer obtained the defendant’s permission to open the bag, and then discovered a large quantity of methamphetamine. After trial, the defendant was convicted. The United States Supreme Court reversed the conviction, holding that the officer’s initial act of squeezing the defendant's luggage constituted an illegal search in violation of the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Due Process Appeal

Under the Due Process Clauses of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution, a conviction resulting from an involuntary or coerced confession will be reversed, even if the circumstances indicate that the confession is probably truthful. In Rogers v. Richmond, 365 U.S. 534 (1961), after several hours of interrogation, an officer falsely told the defendant that he had police standing in readiness to bring his wife – who suffered from health problems – into custody for questioning. After one more hour of silence, the officer told the defendant he was about to make the call, at which time the defendant gave a confession. Evidence also suggested that the defendant had been deprived of the right to an attorney during the interrogation. The trial court admitted the confession into evidence, and the defendant was convicted. The United States Supreme Court reversed the conviction, holding that, by mainly focusing on whether the confession was likely true, the lower court failed to analyze whether the confession was illegally coerced. In other words, the test for admissibility of a confession under the Due Process Clause is not whether the confession was likely reliable, but instead whether it was coerced.

Other Grounds for Reversal on Appeal

There are countless other constitutional provisions, state and federal laws, rules of evidence and other issues that a trial court must consider in order to adequately preserve the rights of the accused. The failure to protect these rights often warrants a reversal of the conviction on appeal. Our firm can review your case to determine whether you have grounds for an appeal.

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