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A loss in the trial court is not the end of the road for your case. There are several issues that can arise in the course of a civil lawsuit that provide grounds for appellate relief. For instance, there are sometimes jurisdictional issues, such as where a judgment is entered against a party even though they were never properly served with the lawsuit. Additionally, summary judgment rulings, orders granting motions to dismiss, incorrect jury instructions, evidence issues and countless other matters often provide grounds for a civil appeal.

AppellateLegal has a wealth of experience handling civil appeals. Our firm excels at spotting lower court errors and appellate issues that can make a difference. Our motto is “Never Give Up.” We will stop at nothing to get your case back on track. We can also help protect your verdict if you prevailed and the other side files an appeal. Contact us today at 410.356.8859.

Summary Judgment Appeal

In Anderson v. Liberty Lobby, Inc., 477 U.S. 242 (1986), the plaintiffs sued a magazine company for defamation. The lower court dismissed the case when it granted summary judgment. The court reasoned that the plaintiffs could not establish actual malice because the magazine company did some research and found sources prior to publishing the defamatory story. In other words, the court ruled that the magazine company did not act in bad faith because it took some effort to confirm the accuracy of its story. The United States Supreme Court reversed the decision, and reinstituted the case, holding that the lower court did not properly consider whether reasonable jurors might disagree with the court and instead find that there was sufficient evidence of actual malice.

Incorrect Evidence Ruling Appeal

Throughout the course of a trial, a judge will often make several rulings concerning whether evidence is admissible. In Beech Aircraft Corp. v. Rainey, 488 U.S. 153 (1988), the spouses of a Navy flight instructor and her student were killed during aircraft training exercises due to the negligence of the company that serviced the plane. At trial, the judge sustained an objection to a government report revealing that the maintenance company had not properly maintained the plane’s engine. The jury entered a defense verdict, and the plaintiffs appealed. The United States Supreme Court reversed, holding that the government report was not inadmissible hearsay merely because it stated a conclusion or opinion. The case was then reinstated and set for a new trial.

Other Issues in a Civil Appeal

There are a myriad of other ways a trial court can commit errors that allow for reversal on appeal. For example, when a judge dismisses a case on a technicality, there is often an argument to be made on appeal. There may be issues concerning discovery, such as where the court refuses to force a party to provide crucial evidence to another party. If your case was thrown out, or if you went to trial and lost, you should consult with an experienced appellate lawyer. There may be several issues that can revive your case on appeal. Our firm can help.

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