Our Firm

Integrity, coupled with sharp, aggressive advocacy, has lead our firm to over a decade of success as appellate counsel. We are proud to be among the elite few attorneys able to deliver quality appellate representation. For over a decade, we have successfully fought for our clients and earned our way to success. And we do fight. Our firm does not shy away from difficult cases or fear well funded adversaries. To the contrary, challenges that often cause other attorneys to cower only serve to embolden us to fight even harder for our clients. While we welcome the easy cases, we relish a challenge.


Located in Baltimore, Maryland, AppellateLegal is the registered trade name of Law Office of Jason Ostendorf LLC. The firm's owner, Jason Ostendorf, developed a reputation as a shrewd attorney for delivering sharp, quality representation. Mr. Ostendorf is licensed in Maryland, and began his career as a family law and foreclosure defense attorney. As a family law attorney, while he was always open to negotiations and would encourage his clients to accept fair settlements, it was no secret that he typically preferred to just try the case. Anyone familiar with family law attorneys knows this is a unique approach, as many will do anything to avoid a hearing on the merits. Indeed, Mr. Ostendorf once argued successfully for indefinite alimony for a client who was already gainfully employed. The opposing attorney was flabbergasted, but still shook Mr. Ostendorf's hand at the end of the case. Truth be told, the attorney - who was roughly forty years Mr. Ostendorf's senior - humbly thanked him for the experience.

As a foreclosure defense attorney, Mr. Ostendorf constantly went up against big Wall Street banks. The vast majority of his clients saved their homes. His secret was to not do what every other foreclosure defense attorney was doing. Instead of merely advising his clients to declare bankruptcy to buy time in the hopes of securing a loan modification, he actually went to war with the banks, and sued them relentlessly for consumer protection violations. This usually put enough pressure on the banks to not only offer the homeowner a loan modification, but also reimbursement of legal fees and additional funds. Mr. Ostendorf essentially had the banks paying his clients to sue them.

Although successful with family law and foreclosure defense, Mr. Ostendorf's true passion was appellate practice. He saw it as a higher, more noble calling than trial court litigation. Appellate judges have lower case loads and more time to fully analyze what the law requires in a given situation. This coincidentally puts more pressure on the attorneys to focus on substance, logic and scholarship. In other words, appellate advocacy is purer than lower court litigation. Any lawyer can be aggressive. But combining that aggression with an enhanced degree of intellect is the hallmark of the appellate advocate. Mr. Ostendorf proudly excelled in this area of law, and wished to devote his practice to appellate advocacy. AppellateLegal is the result.

Our Pledge

From the moment you walk into our office, our pledge to you is sincere: We will provide you with honest, quality advice. And, if we believe you have a meritorious appeal and you then retain us, we will go to war for you. Integrity manifested through wisdom and strength.